Why Being Observant Might Be The Best Thing Ever?

Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash

As a teenager, I was always on the lookout for things hidden behind the common vision. The trail of ants on a wall, carrying bits of mud and leaves and touching each other’s antennas was just as interesting to me as was watching a superhero movie. My sister would always insist on playing with her but I would simply nod in denial. I always chose to either hang out on the balcony or creating storylines with my batman figurines. Today, it comes as a surprise that while I grew up, my observant behavior remained intact and only shifted from toys and ants to people.

Yesterday I went shopping for groceries. Due to the pandemic situation, the groceries were almost out of stock. While I tried to get my hands on the only good fruits left, I also observed the store keeper’s broken Bluetooth speaker and his old feature phone. Then as I was making the transaction, I noticed two kindergarten books at the corner of his seat. At last, I left the store not only with the fruits I wanted but also with my deductions about the storekeeper, keen on music, tight-handed with money, intending to educate his kids.

Here is a thing or two about observant people.

They are your local detectives

Highly observant people often practice deductive reasoning. This doesn’t mean that every observant person is Detective Holmes but they are more attuned to their surroundings than others. These people often turn out to be highly aware of any minor changes around them. This might come in handy when working in a collaborative environment.

Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

For example, imagine a colleague from work coming to the office with a missing tie or uncombed hair. An observant team member would notice this and might deduce that the colleague must have been in a rush or maybe had a rough morning. He would act accordingly then.

They hone their senses

They often have highly developed senses. Observant people take time absorbing their surroundings whenever they are out for a trip or at a public place. On a trip, while others might appreciate nature and then get on with their activities, an observant person would let the scenery settle in their mind. They like to create a flow, feeling the grass beneath their feet or the shrill noise of the rustling leaves. This leads to an elevated feeling of joy and mindfulness.

They fall in love with details

An observant person loves noticing intricate details. This is why most of them often indulge in creative activities like writing, composition, or painting. They like to take time and refine their work to perfection. These people often find hidden meanings or easter eggs in all kinds of work, be it video games or renaissance art.

Wolverine’s clawed hands easter egg

Reddit users are among the high-quality observant you’ll find online. A user found Wolverine’s clawed hand easter egg in the opening credits border of the movie “The Greatest Showman”.

An observant person absorbs large amounts of data from his/her surroundings. This data helps in better judgment and creates valuable life lessons. Watching and listening to others makes you understand them better. This habit helps build a brilliant character that people pay attention to and spend time with.



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Aish Kharkwal

Aish Kharkwal

Hey! I am a soon to be business management student and an amateur musician. I read a lot of stuff and so started writing too.